Instagram Competition

Social Media/ Branding Strategy
Bukowskis Real Estate

Bukowskis Real Estate is a high performing real estate agency situated in the heart of Stockholm, with plenty offices in Sweden and global sales. Linked to the prestigious auction house Bukowskis, they set value to both properties and personal estate with sharp competence in architecture, art, design furnitures and property heritage.

It was time to expand the brand knowledge and reach out to a wider audience, letting people know about Bukowskis Real Estate's thoughts and values. We made a story around their concept of “Magic Homes” and created an Instagram competition under the hash tag #magiskahem.

The goal was to gain a wider range of followers and also to get insights in what makes peoples homes unique, for further understanding of their customers. By posting a photo of what details makes their home magic, people participated in the competition with a chance to win very generous gift cards to spend on design furnishings from the auction house of Bukowskis.

Our role was to strategically set up the competition, roll out all Instagram posts, create visual content and copy along with the marketing of this mini campaign. The competition was active for four weeks and four famous Swedish bloggers was connected as ambassadors to the launch of each new week. 


Images from the competition