Book layout

Selling material
Nordier Property Advisors

Nordier Property Advisors is a Stockholm based boutique firm in commercial Real Estate Advisory. With one office in the southern part of Sweden, defining Malmö as one of the growing markets for real estate, they decided to map out all commercial real estates over a certain value. In this book, each area of Malmö city is covered with the main public information, as a way to attract potential clients.

My focus was on this book was to find a smart standard layout that clearly highlights the main facts about each estate. The book also breathes Nordiers new identity, making yet another statement in terms of marketing and appearance. All maps are illustrated by me to come away form the more common standard options seen in the industry.

To add extra value, we also created a custom made "shell" to wrap around the book. Partly this covered the book from damage in the post, but it also left some room to attach a business card and write a personal note.